As a documentary filmmaker, it’s always exciting when David’s music starts to be woven into the film. His sensitivities and intuition create moving and inspiring pieces that amplify emotion, illuminate character and bring scenes to deeper levels. This combined with his sincerity, enthusiasm and diligent work ethic make him a pleasure to work with. I would recommend adding him to any production.

John Zaritsky
Academy Award Winning Director

David is a fierce talent with a deep understanding of all genres of music. He listens, responds and delivers beyond expectations. A dream to work with.

Carmen Pollard
Producer / Director

David is not only an incredibly talented composer, he is also genuinely passionate about what he does. Every note and track that he creates is truly inspired. He works countless hours to get it just right and by doing so, he always delivers something over and above what is expected. I think the world of David not only as a talented musician, but also as one of the kindest people I know.

Laurie Case
Documentary Producer

From the start, David captured the spirit of what we were musically aiming to accomplish, and the result was unbelievable. With his music, he managed to enhance the imagery and inject that cinematic magic we were striving for. Our whole team was very happy, and on top of his amazing creative work, his service was outstanding.

Annaiz Cortés
Commercial Producer

When working with David, and incorporating his music into my projects, I am always surprised. Surprised by how well he understands and is sensitive to the whole story – not just the music. Surprised by how in-touch his instincts are to emotion, pace and mood. Surprised at how easily and seamlessly he makes his work appear, although I know it’s not. And surprised at how he does it all with such warmth, humour and composure. David is a true talent and a wonderful person to work with. Should I be surprised? Probably not…but as David continues to raise the bar with each project, I continue to be.

Rob Kelly
Documentary Director